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Learn Docker

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Emacs is a powerful and highly customizable text editor that can even rival expensive IDE’s. Emacs is wonderful because it’s an open source project with a strong and vibrant community. If you want a feature that your text editor doesn’t provide, then you can simply write your own program! Luckily, there are thousands of packages already available. You can do as much or as little customization as you want. So before you drop $$$ every month on an IDE, why don’t you give Emacs a try? It’s Free, AND awesome!
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Ps. This website is still transitioning from “coding blog” to Agency website.

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Want to DIY your Roofing Website? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

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GraphQL Tutorials

(and related technologies)

Project Details:

Source Code for GraphQL project

Source Code for many to many tutorial

NPM Version: 6.14.5

Node Version: v14.4.0

(It hopefully won’t matter but just in case!)

How to Setup the project:

Note: The tutorials are self-contained. This video is meant to be used if you are starting somewhere in the middle or trying to grab a working version. Otherwise you can start from the beginning and skip the video.

More Tutorials Coming Soon

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Linux Tutorials

Getting Started With Linux:

The Benefits of Linux: (Coming Soon)

The top 3 Linux Distributions

Installing Linux On Your Computer via Dual Boot

An Introduction to Linux Package Managers

In order to use the following tools you might need to check out some of the tutorials below the tools section first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay. I want to show you these Linux tools early because they’re really cool and can improve your efficiency, and they’re part of what makes Linux more fun.

i3 Window Manager Tutorial

An Introduction to the Command Line in Linux & Mac (Updated Post Coming Soon but this will work for now)

File Permissions in Linux & Mac

Update Sudo Access & Wheel

Vi & VIM 5 Minute Intro

Linux Add to $PATH “Command Not Found” error

More Coming Soon!

Programming, Linux, and other Tech Tutorials

Linux Tutorials

Linux is a great computer system for programmers, security, and anyone who wants to learn more about their computer. In this series we’ll take you from never having used it to a proficient Linux user (and computer user in general).

SQL Crash Course

SQL is the language of the database! Learn how data is stored and how you can access that data in your application using “Structured Query Language”. By the end of the course you’ll have a strong understanding of how to use SQL to build the database portion of your app.

Learn Emacs

Emacs is a wonderful, free, and powerful text editor that puts the control in your hands. It’s open-source, and has thousands of packages that the community has made. Browse the web, write essays, manage your todo list, browse source code, chat in IRC, and much more all within your Text editor!
Php is a great first language to learn because it’s easy, commonly used, and pretty flexible. If you’re interested in Web Development, WordPress, or any other “Content Management System” then PHP is great language to learn.
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React.jS Tutorials

Programming Tools

Emacs (Advanced)

Emacs is a highly customizable text editor with an emphasis on keyboard shortcuts. Emacs will keep your hands off the mouse so you can blaze through your code at the speed of light. It can even become a full “Integrated Development Environment” if you want it to be. Emacs is high quality, Open Source, and Free. If Emacs doesn’t have a feature you want, then you can fire up an editor and create that feature yourself. As a beginner, Emacs may be difficult to wrap your head around; The learning curve is steep, but once you get it, it’s one of the best tools in a developers toolbox. One problem is that Emacs starts out as a barebones text editor. You have to search for and add customizations yourself to unleash its true power.


I am a proud Linux user. It’s built by developers for developers. Your TV, microwave, vacuum cleaner, stop lights, garage door openers, and many other things are probably using Linux as their server. Linux is also a great desktop. I personally use the Gentoo distribution, but there are plenty of other distros to choose from. If you’re using Mac or Windows, then I invite you to come over to the dark side.

Docker (Advanced)

Docker is a containerization tool that helps you quickly create and scale any development and production environment. For developers, this means you’ll never have to install anything on your computer again for development, multiple versions are no problem, your development environment can match production, and you can quickly get new team members on board with a simple $ docker-compose up. For Devops, this means easily scaling both out and up, and ensuring your applications have 100% uptime, and much more.

Tiling Window Managers (Linux & BSD)

I love Tiling Window Managers. One of my favorite things about Linux/Unix 🙂 Instead of fudging around with the mouse, trying to move windows around on my screen, a Tiling window Manager like I3wm allows me to use keyboard shortcuts to manage my screen space. These window managers automatically fill 100% of the space on the screen so there’s no wasted space. They also distribute screen space evenly, and provide quick access to 10 different “work spaces”. A Tiling Window manager is a necessity for me. You can use keyboard shortcuts to do everything, and it’s beautiful.


Tmux is a “Terminal Multiplexer”. It takes your terminal emulator and turns it into a feature-rich productivity powerhouse. You can open up several “windows” and panes, quickly re-size them, and even manage your sessions. You can setup an entire development environment, and open up the entire thing in one command. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Tmux can do, and I wish I would have started using it sooner. Download it with your package manager!

our Services

Custom Development

We build custom software applications to solve your business challenges and bring your ideas to life.

Mobile Apps

We use React-Native to build mobile applications for iOS and Android devices downloadable on the app stores.

SEO Consulting

We understand how search engines work, and we'll do what it takes to get your business in front of your target audience so you can grow your business

Small Business Websites & Web Apps

Results driven websites and web applications designed to grow your business. We'll typically build small or local business websites on WordPress.

SQL is the language of the Relational database. Learn to use SQL efficiently and you will be able to manipulate and organize the data of your applications with ease. Data is a central part of your app, so even if you’re a front end developer it’s nice to know your way around SQL.

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Finished the SQL Course? Where to go Next
Hopefully this course has given you insight on how to use SQL to build your applications. The next step is to lean how your language uses SQL. You don’t typically want to write the SQL code yourself because the language itself has built in safety features, and other things to do most of the work for you.

If you want to learn MORE SQL, then feel free to check out our recommended books. Here’s a couple books that will take you from beginner to an intermediate/advanced SQL developer:

Affiliate Disclosure: I do get compensated (at no extra charge to you) if you were to purchase a book through my links. I’ve either read these books, or had these recommended by people who are much smarter than I am. Reading will take you far in life, so I always encourage you to pick up a book.

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Linux, programming, DIY Websites & more

GraphQL changes the way you interact with data. Easily access data in any way you want. GraphQL is quickly replacing REST for a good reason.

React.js, built by Facebook is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries today. Build Mobile apps, WordPress sites, and much more with React.


Get into Devops, get new team members on boarded easily, create easy to use development environments, and much more with Docker 


(Zero Coding)

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System allowing anyone to build incredible websites, whether you can code or not.


Linux is a powerful computer system or “Kernel” that powers millions of devices like smart phones, microwaves, and robots.

SQL & Databases

SQL is a programming language of the relational database. Learn how to manipulate & access data.

WordPress Development

Learn to develop WordPress plugins and themes. 


Emacs is a powerful open source text editor. There’s a steep learning curve to using Emacs efficiently, but it’s stood the test of time as other editors have come and gone.


Git is such an important tool it’s one of the first tools a developer should learn how to use. Learn how to save history of your project, work with teams, and make your life easier.

WordPress Tutorials

Zero Code Required