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This is a temporary page to keep all the old stuff at least in existence. this page is for Gutenberg stuff.


Awesome GraphQL & React tutorials coming your way

Thank you for signing up! Here’s our current set of GraphQL and React Tutorials

—- GIT —

This page is dedicated to all my Git tutorials.

Setting up and Installing Git

Git Basics: Commits, discarding changes, pushing to Github.

Going back in Time with git revert

Git Branching & Stashing

Merging Conflicts in Git

Git push, pull, & remotes. What is Origin?

—–WordPress Development Section —-

This is the page for all my WordPress development learning & tutorials. Quick note: My learning efforts are currently focused on WordPress & React Development. If you see something that could be improved please share in the comments.


Good understanding of Javascript. If you don’t know React, I’d recommend learning it alongside WP, especially for Gutenberg block development.

Know your way around the WordPress UI. Check out our WordPress zero-code tutorials

Note on the Setup Guides: I still haven’t figured out the “Holy Grail” setup for developing WordPress plugins, and my desire to actually code and build things is pulling me into actual coding as opposed to tinkering with my webpack scripting setup. So, what I have in the WordPress setup section is a list of options, each with their pros and cons.

Most of the setup guides create easy to use development environments, but they lack the ability to hook into the source code of Gutenberg, which is a deal breaker for me since I like to interact with the source code instead of just looking at it and guessing what its doing. Unfortunately my “hooking into source code” doesn’t allow me easy access to the database because it uses Docker, and their Dockerfile is pretty complex so i’m unable to just plop on a DB admin container. Instead, I have to exec into the Docker container and run my SQL queries from the command line.

Then there are the simpler setups using XAMPP that allow easy database access and the ability to use SCSS but no source code interactivity. As I discover new and improved setups I’ll add them. In the meantime you’re stuck with what you can come up with or use the setups below 🙂

WordPress Plugin Development Environment setup Guides

Setting up a Gutenberg Development Environment Alongside Gutenberg Source Code

Setup WordPress Gutenberg Development Environment using wp-scripts

Setup WordPress Gutenberg Development in XAMPP or WAMPP

Setting up Styles, Scripts & jQuery in WordPress & Gutenberg

Loading SCSS Files in Gutenberg and WordPress development