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SQL is one of those things that every programmer should learn at least a little bit. In this article we’re going to talk about why you should learn SQL.

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What is SQL

S.Q.L stands for Structured Query Language, and is the language of the relational database. With SQL you can grab information from the database like your favorite cat videos, or all the comments left on a post, etc…

Why Should You Learn SQL

Most applications have persistent data. In order for your application to be useful, you’ll want to be able to remember information about the application. Without a database, there’s no easy way to store information.

SQL is a great place to start when you’re learning to code because data is usually the central focus of an app.

Without data, the most popular apps couldn’t exist. YouTube needs a place to store its videos, comments, and likes.

Job boards need a place to store info like salary, job title, company, etc.

Without data, many apps would be useless, that’s why I like to recommend learning SQL early on in a programmers career.

Even if you end up using an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) to handle most of the SQL code for you, it’s still good to know what’s going on under the hood.

Be sure to check out the SQL course to get a good understanding of how to work with databases.

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