Why we Need a Nuclear Future

I currently believe Nuclear Energy is the best thing for us to progress as a species. Change My Mind. (work in progress)

Common Objections

What About the Waste?

Newer generation reactors can actually use nearly all the waste of other reactors. So there is very little waste. The waste that does exist is stored nicely in containers that can withstand many natural disasters.

The entire amount of nuclear waste created since the United States started using nuclear fits in a single football field. Read more about waste issues here: https://www.nei.org/news/2019/what-happens-nuclear-waste-us

Nuclear is Too Expensive

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Nuclear is Too Slow

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Nuclear Proliferation

Coming soon… but if North Korea can build nuclear weapons, then any country can. Nuclear weapons are a primitive technology that were created in the 1940s. Avoiding the use of nuclear energy will not prevent nuclear weapons.

Accidents & Radiation

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We'll Run out of Nuclear Resources

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