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Site Analysis

Current Website Status:

Monthly Traffic: Estimated zero monthly visitors

Recommended Keywords:

“Electrician Bellevue” = ~150 searches / mo

“Electrician Bellevue WA” = ~150 searches / mo

“Bellevue Electrician” = 60 / mo

Note: Kirkland has fewer searches but will be easier to rank for.

“Remodeling Kirkland” and “Remodeling Bellevue” have too few searches to register but people are probably looking for specific things like “Bathroom remodeling” or “kitchen remodel”. dozens of variations…

Top Competitors:


Blog posts about your projects, even just images and brief descriptions of the locations will help a lot.

Sign up for YEXT. They will help you dominate Google My Business (the 3 businesses on the map)

Create a dedicated page for your primary services.  stewartremodel.com/electric  and stewartremodel.com/kitchen  etc… and put a lot of valuable content on those pages about each topic.

Include Testimonials using the clients general location and type of service. Google reads the text on your page, and if they see stuff like “did a great job here in kirkland”, and “love my new bathroom”, etc… Google will push you up in search.

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