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This is a basic site audit for Stalnaker, Becker, & Buresh http://www.sbblawfirm.com/. There are many opportunities for you to grow your local business using digital marketing strategies which we’ll cover in this review. We’ll cover potential growth, your current position, competitor analysis, areas of improvement, and action steps to get more clients and more traffic to your site. Is SEO even worth the effort for SBB Law Firm? Let’s take a look at how things look for attorneys in Omaha:

Top keywords in Omaha NE (monthly searches):

Lawyers in Omaha Ne: 250 searches

Real Estate Attorney Omaha: 150 searches

Real Estate Attorney Omaha ne: 40 searches

Omaha Business Attorney: 10 searches

Estate Planning Attorney Omaha: 60 searches

Criminal Defense Attorney Omaha: 100 searches

Omaha Criminal Attorney: 80 searches

Criminal Lawyers Omaha NE: 60 searches

This is only the searches that people are looking for enough to be registered by SEO research tools and not a comprehensive list. There’s a dozen or so variations of keywords that people will use to look for attorneys that aren’t even picked up. (ex. Lawyer near me, misspellings, etc…) Many people clearly need your services in the Omaha area.

Notable Competitors & Search Terms

Due to the many services you provide your competition varies based on the service. We won’t be examining the most popular search “lawyers in Omaha NE” because people searching it generally aren’t ready to buy. More specific searches mean people are closer to purchasing.

Search Term: Real estate attorney Omaha (150 searches / month)

Overall difficulty for Google Maps: Low

This is a great place to start because there’s a high search volume and low competition at least for Google Maps. You only have ONE real competitor. The first result is a paid ad. The other two businesses don’t even have any reviews.

Your top competitor (Ryan Scott) for the search term “Real estate attorney Omaha” doesn’t even have anything on their website related to real estate!

The other result CPEC1031 is about some tax code and they don’t talk about what it is, or whether it’s even related to real estate or not. Since Google is not an attorney they probably have no way to connect CPEC1031 to real estate. It’s a very weak connection and you should be able to take their spot fairly easily. Since CPEC1031 appears to be a construction tax code, it’s a perfect topic to discuss on your blog to take their spot.

I’ve covered how to go about improving your Google My Business position in this post. Read it to start making improvements today, or I’d be happy to help if you want assistance.

Overall difficulty organic listings: Medium

The organic listings are displayed right below the map section. around 50% of clicks go to each, so it’s a good to aim at ranking for both. Organic listings are going to require more effort to rank. Let’s see the current results:

You can see that “directory sites” like lawyers.findlaw, justia, and superlawyers dominate the search engines so get your attorneys listed on those sties! CrokerLaw was able to rank #1 and FraserStryker was able to muscle its way in to #5. “Real estate attorney Omaha” is CrokerLaw’s best keyword, earning them 50+ visitors a month. followed by their branding by having their names searched directly (a sign of name recognition)

FraserStryker has also done very well, but they’re a much larger firm with many more names to search, so a comparison isn’t really fair.

Your Current Position for “Real Estate Attorney Omaha”: #84

Why they rank higher:

There are hundreds of factors that determine your position. People are already visiting their site by searching their names directly, which boosts the site’s overall authority causing them to rank for Real estate related searches as a side-effect.

They also have more content regarding real estate. You have one simple paragraph, and they have about 3 paragraphs.

Your site is not secured with HTTPS. Google has given priority to sites with the SSL tickets on their site because they are more secure. You can tell by simply looking at the URL of the page. If there’s no “https” the site is not safe. EDIT. Your site has the option to load insecure pages. See below.

Your Website is too slow.

Your speed rank is 27. CrokerLaw comes out at #1 with a rank of 60. FraserStryker comes in barely faster than your site at 33. Note FraserStryker has a HUGE brand with hundreds of searches just for their attorney names. They rank for real estate terms purely as a side effect from having a well established business.

Croker Law comes in at 60, which is probably why they’re beating FraserStryker

Action steps for your law firm:

take a look at the following image. The numbered list below the image are related to this screenshot. These are YOUR top keywords and the traffic you get from them.

  1. Fill out a separate detailed bio page for each attorney (You want to be #1 when people search for you)
  2. Fill out your Landlord-Tenant law page. It is the closest to the top at #52, #59, #51, etc. depending on the search.
  3. Work on your “construction law” page as it’s also closer at #52 and #66.

Force an HTTPS Redirect

Google prefers secure sites plain and simple. It looks like you already have an SSL ticket, but you’re not forcing users to use it. Sometimes In your Cpanel there’s an option to “force redirect” which always adds an HTTPS to your domain. Other times it’s a bit more complicated and you have to edit a file. Either way, contacting your host support they should be able to help you resolve the issue.

Sign up for YEXT

Yext is a powerful local business tool that will drastically improve your rankings in the map section of Google. This also gives people the opportunity to call you directly from Google if you show up in the top 3. There are cheaper alternatives to Yext, but Yext is by far the best.

Plan and write 5-10 real estate related articles.

I’m talking about detailed and educational blog posts that establish you as the authoritative figure on real estate law in Nebraska. Create a library of content that anyone interested in Real estate law should know about. Write about things that your clients need to know. Things like “How X law affects construction companies”, “How to handle a real estate dispute”, “what to do if an employee is injured on the job site”, etc… Then link to these articles on your real estate page.

These things not only help you show up online. They also build trust with your prospects, increasing the chances they’ll buy from YOU instead of the firms that haven’t proven their knowledge.

Join the chamber or rotary & host events at your firm

Some of your competition has really good name recognition with hundreds of people searching explicitly for the attorneys name each month. This is done by advertising, as well as networking. An idea to boost your firms community presence and prestige is to host networking events.

Create, complete, and post regularly to a Google My Business account

You really should have a Google My Business account, fill it out completely with the different services you provide. Post photos, videos, links to your articles, “tips of the week”, links to events, etc…. on your Google My Business. Posting regularly shows Google you’re relevant, active, and important, and you’ll be more likely to rank.

Speed up your site

Your site is way too slow, and speed plays a huge part of your website success. Software and web development is what we’re best at, meaning we’re good at stuff like this.

It looks like the biggest delay to your site is “Render blocking resources” like your CSS files. CSS is where the design rules of your site are located. They tell your site which font to use, how big the text is, how much space between images, etc… The web page is not loading any content because your CSS needs to be read first. We can improve your site speed by making sure only the necessary CSS gets loaded and only when it’s needed. This is where the biggest improvement on your speed will come from.

Minify Javascript & CSS files. By default you get a lot of whitespace and comments left in code to help humans read it. Minifying the files removes everything unnecessary to make files much smaller, which allows computers to read them faster. By switching over to the minified code you’ll save an estimated 0.75 seconds on load time. Look at the images below. They both have the same text but the minified version is 3X smaller at 87kb compared to 274KB for the uncompressed version.

Uncompressed code (what you have)

“Minified” code (what you need)


There’s a lot more to look at, but working on the problem areas above will dramatically improve your performance online and help you get more business. For further reading on strategies you can do yourself, read how to dominate local search.

We also know you’re very busy, and your time is better spent working on other parts of your business. Click below to schedule a consultation. We’d be happy to join your team and help you succeed.

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