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A site review & competitor analysis

Hi Gary. First of all, congratulations, you’re doing seriously well. Much better than most small businesses when it comes to generating traffic to your website.

According to my research, you’re getting an estimated 194 visitors per month to your website. I think that’s in large because of your consistent blogging efforts.

Unfortunately… Most of that traffic is going to this PDF file: http://www.achieve-alpha.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2015-Apple-Health-Overview.pdf which means they never actually SEE your website!

In fact, there’s 12+ links… PDF after PDF on your site and you’re not getting the benefits from that traffic…

One thing you could potentially do is replace those PDFs with some of your own content… Or maybe create a web page to talk about that PDF and have a link to the pdf, that way before reaching the PDF they go through your site and can get to know you.

People are searching for you specifically

There’s around 50 searches per month for your business “Achieve Alpha Insurance” and another ~50 searching for “Gary Franke” which means people know who you are and are searching for you.

You're not showing up in Google

around half the clicks go to the map section pictured below. Many of them being the “call now” button or “directions”. By not showing up there you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.

One way to show up is to post regularly in “Google posts”. You can link to your article or post quick tweet-like posts to give yourself a serious boost in Google My Business. I’d be happy to show you how to do that.

Updates on your website

Your website could look a lot more modern by removing some of the whitespace around your pages. The “life insurance” page looks better than the others, but it doesn’t have a menu, making it confusing to get to the other parts of your site.

you should also consider having a “contact” button follow your visitors around the page. that way a way to contact you is only a click or tap away.

A Comprehensive guide to Health Insurance?

I’d love to see a “comprehensive guide” to all things insurance. I bet a lot of people freeze up when they hear the term HSA, and deductible, and all of those medical / insurance related terms. How about new laws for employers looking to help their employees with benefits? How much will that cost and what are their options? Another thought is how much should someone spend on insurance relative to their income? Does the ratio go up or down as the income range changes? These are all things you could help your prospects & clients with.

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