If you’re a lawyer in the Vermont area, then you’ll enjoy this post. We’re going to look at the top competitors in Burlington and other surrounding cities, and show you how they were able to rise to the top of the search engines.

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Results Attorneys in Vermont are getting with SEO

In the image below, you’ll see the law firms getting the most traffic. mskvt.com being in Burlington, fgmvt.com in Rutland, and kohnrathlaw.com being in Hinesburg, VT (A suburb of Burlington)

You can see that there’s quite a bit of opportunity for lawyers to get new clients online here in Vermont. Surprisingly, only one of the top three is in the most densely populated area.

How are these attorneys getting results?

MSK Attorneys:

MSK Attorneys have done an exceptional job with their reputation and branding. In the image below, you’ll see they get a majority of their web traffic from people typing in their name, or names of their attorneys directly:

there’s hundreds of searches a month just for “MSK email”. All of their attorneys have at least 40 searches a month just of the attorney’s name, which mean’s they’re doing a very good job being involved in the community, going to networking events, and other things to get their name out. SEO is valuable, but getting out there and shaking hands will always be important.

They’re also at least a ‘little’ bit active with their blog. They don’t blog a lot, but they are getting some traction by educating their clients with blog posts like “buying property in vermont” and “vermont zoning laws”. These articles are exactly what their customers are searching for online, and they need YOU to help them, so it’s a perfect opportunity to capture the interest of a customer. Not only that, these search terms get ~80 searches per month. What else do your customers need to know about laws in Vermont?

FGMVT (Rutland VT):

Facey Goss & McPHEE are doing very well with SEO too, especially for being in a town of around ~15,000. They’ve done better than their competitors filling out the content of each service they provide. An example of that is their immigration page. Unfortunately the only competitors ahead of them are legal directories like “Justia” which she could be listed on, so I don’t count that, and a website with the word “immigration” in their domain name. Google claims keywords in the domain name don’t improve rankings, but I’ve seen this enough that I doubt it.

Their website is in static html, as you can see by the .html at the end of each of their pages. This SHOULD be an advantage in some cases due to higher page speeds, but somehow they’re messing that up. (See the mistakes being made) Having a “static” website means it should be faster, due to not having to make as many requests to a server. The downside is that it’s harder to integrate things like email opt ins, chat bubbles, etc…

Kohnrathlaw (Hinesburg Vermont)

Kohnrathlaw is in Hinesburg, VT, a suburb outside of Burlington, and they’re doing a great job on their Vermont SEO for their Real estate, bankruptcy, and employment services. A big part of the reason they’re doing well is they have a separate page for each of their services. This allows you to use the keyword in the URL of your website, and it helps organize the layout of your website for a cleaner user experience. They also have internal links from one page on their site to another, which is helpful for SEO

Mistakes Being Made

MSKVT is posting their articles in a PDF, and linking to the PDF. This is a huge opportunity if they were to simply move the PDF content into their website so the search engines could crawl all that content relating to their city. It would help them improve their SEO and rank for more keywords, and get more traffic.

MSKVT is wasting their header. They have giant text: “Experience Focus Judgment” in their header, which should be in the hero image section. Then they could expand their menu to show the services they have in the header on every page on their site.

FGM’s website is very slow. It takes over 12 seconds to load, which is a huge weak point for them. Your website should load in 2 seconds or less.

Kohnrathlaw’s blog is confusing. They have an “article” but it’s shaped like a page. They’re trying to talk about “accidents” for their injury attorney services, but they’re nesting blog posts about that topic two levels deep in their header. It’s confusing.

SEO in Vermont difficulty level for Attorneys: Easy

If you want to get more traffic to your Vermont Law firm’s website with SEO, then we can help you rise to the top without too much effort. The top results are using PDF’s for their blogs (if they even have one) they’re using static html websites. Their pages load much slower than average, and there’s just not a lot of content on their websites. We can help you shoot to the top of the search engines.

Work With a Vermont SEO Consultant

We’ll help you get more visitors to your website, and more visitors converting into customers.

How to improve SEO for your Law Firm in Vermont

  • Create a separate page for each of your services
  • Fill out each page with comprehensive, educational content. Write 5 or 6 blog posts for each service, and link to those posts in the main service page
  • Get your website and all of its pages to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • Use the keywords you want to rank for in your content, but don’t overdo it. Keep it natural to avoid being penalized.
  • Once you get to the top, blogging 2x a month should be enough to stay in the lead and keep pulling ahead.
  • The competition in Burlington, VT, and the entire state is pretty low, so with even a little effort you should start to see some results.

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