In this post we’re going to examine the top two dental practices in Burlington Vermont, and a third business that isn’t doing good in SEO but is doing great in the Google Map Pack. We’re going to see what they’ve done right, where they can improve, and what you can do to take their place as the dentist with the best SEO in Vermont.

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The dentist with the most web traffic is Timerblane Dental Group

The dentist with the second best traffic in Burlington, Vermont is Green Mountain Dental

The dental practice with the best results in the Google Map Pack is Chittenden Dental and Willard Street Dental

Here’s an overview of each of the three dental practices mentioned above, and their approximate monthly traffic.

How are they getting results?

The competition for dentistry is much higher than the legal industry example above. We’ll take a look at what each of these companies are doing right.

Timberlane Dental Group

Timberlane has four locations, so they have a few advantages before even factoring in SEO.

  1. They can target keywords throughout the city. Ex. “Dentists in North Burlington”, “Dentists in South Burlington”, etc.
  2. Four locations means a lot of people already do business with them. The more people interact with a site, the more authority it gets. It’s a positive feedback loop.
  3. People already know of them. Most of their site traffic comes from keywords like “Timberlane Dental”.

They’ve created City Pages. City pages are used when you serve multiple areas. This dental practice serves South Burlington, Essex, Burlington, and Shelburne Vermont, and they have a dedicated page for each location. Because the rest of their website is done so well, they’re able to just have a simple landing page with the contact info of the office. That alone is enough to rank them high on the first page for keywords like “Dentist South Burlington VT”.

Sometimes you may need to go the extra mile, and blog about that specific part of town. Maybe have the testimonials from each office on their corresponding city page, etc… But they’re able to get away with a very simple landing page for now. City pages can be challenging to get right due to the risk of duplicate content.

Comprehensive, educational content is all over their site. Most of your local SEO results will come from comprehensive content. This is the first thing you want to do to rank your website online. They’ve got content on just about everything dentistry related. They even teach people how to brush their teeth.

They’re using Anchor Tags to help crawlers understand the page. Anchors can be used to create sections in a page, and allow users to click to auto-scroll to a section. It also gives the opportunity to add valuable keywords to the URL of the page. See below:

Anchor tags aren’t as powerful as having a keyword directly in the URL, but it’s still a signal that can be used to improve your SEO and user experience.

Non-SEO things: Being involved in the community. Branding, etc…

Green Mountain Dentistry

Green Mountain Dental provides their comprehensive content in the form of a blog, instead of a multitude of pages. Their blog is very helpful, it’s just not easy to find the content in the Blog. They have a post about questions to ask your cosmetic dentist, but this page should be linked to in their cosmetic dentistry page.

Green Mountain Dental is actually ranking for more keywords than Timberlane Dental Group, despite having less traffic. Green Mountain Dental is actually doing better in terms of local SEO because they’re getting only a little less traffic, but they only have ONE office, and the other place has FOUR offices. They’re also getting traffic, and increasing their site’s authority & topic relevancy by blogging regularly. Here’s some of the keywords Green mountain ranks for:

I’ve omitted many other keywords they rank for, but these illustrate the benefits of blogging. If a person in Vermont was to Google this kind of question, then this dental practice is more likely to show up and answer their question. Because Green Mountain answered it, they have a higher chance of acquiring a new customer. The downside is these types of questions apply worldwide, so they may get non-local traffic depending on how competitive this term is internationally.

ChittenDen & Willard Street Family Dental

These two practices aren’t getting nearly as much web traffic as the other two competitors, but where they lack in the website SEO, they make up for with their Local SEO and Map Pack. We can see here that they rank well and have a lot of reviews.

The downside of the map pack is that you can only do so much to improve your rankings due to how dependent the maps are on location. Green Mountain Dental has almost 500 reviews, yet they don’t show up in the map pack. This is most likely because where I’m searching from is closer to ChittenDen and Willard Street. The closer your customers are to you, the more likely you’ll show up for their searches.

You should still optimize your Google Business Profile, just understand that there’s only so much you can do here due to location.

Missed Opportunities

Timberlane Dental is missing content: Sure, they’re probably the biggest dental resource in Vermont, but there’s still gaps. On their flossing page, they’re missing information like “What is the best kind of floss/toothbrush”, What are the different types, etc.. They could turn those into blog posts and link to those articles on their “flossing instructions” page. This is mostly just doing more of what they’re already doing.

Green Mountain Dentistry needs to get the date out of their URL and shorten it. Many SEO experts have done tests on length of URL and found that shorter URLs have better SEO results. We can see here that Green Mountain dentistry has quite lengthy URLs: An example blog post url here:

Green Mountain Dentistry is allowing their SEO consultant to have a link to their website down in the footer of their website. This is generally not good because it causes their dental site to link to the SEO company on every single page. It’s a bit overkill and can be a negative signal.

Performance Issues: Both sites have performance issues. Timberlane clocks in at 8.9 seconds for first page load, while Green Mountain is at a slightly better 5.9 seconds. The industry standard is 2 seconds, which isn’t that difficult to at least get it close. If you want an SEO optimized website, you need to put more effort into performance.

Vermont SEO difficulty for Dental Practices: Medium

The top competitors are already doing a lot of things right in terms of their SEO efforts. While there’s a lot of room for improvement, it would still take some dedication to rank in the Vermont area in this industry. But as you can see, the effort pays for itself when you’re so busy you have to open a new office or can’t take on any new patients.

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How to improve Vermont SEO for Dental Practices

  • Create a separate page for each of your services
  • Fill out each page with comprehensive, educational content. You will need a LOT of content to compete in this industry.
  • Very important to have your website loading in around 2 seconds or less. 2.5 – 3 seconds is acceptable, but <2 is ideal.
  • Get a lot of reviews for your Google Business profile and fill out your profile completely.

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