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This application is built with React.js and GraphQL. It has a live search feature allowing you to search through the list of color swatches and generate a random color. A count feature and sidebar for additional data also exist. This application is deployed using Heroku.

This is another app built with React and GraphQL. This app has pagination, multiple filtering options, error handling, and basic user functionality. Authentication is handled via Passport.js, Monthly membership / payment processing via stripe.js. Backend is built on Node.js with a MySQL database. We’re in the process of deploying via Docker, but haven’t gotten the official deployment ready yet.

Learning and teaching is something important to me. I enjoy making educational videos and putting them out on YouTube. Tech is hard! So I try to condense complex topics into easy-to-follow tutorials in a range of tech / software topics like Docker, React, Git, Linux, emacs, Website building, WordPress, and more. As of writing this we have about 700 or so subscribers. Not much, but I’m hoping to be more faithful to getting out new tutorials.

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