My Emacs Cheat Sheet

Hello! This is a hopefully continuously updated post on my Emacs Configuration and the most common shortcuts/keybindings I use. I’m making this public in case it benefits anyone else. Not sure how I’m going to organize this so forgive the messiness.

Note: RET = enter, M = Meta/Alt

Packages I Use

  • AG
  • Avy
  • Dumb Jump
  • Evil
  • Fixmee
  • Swiper
  • Web-Mode


Built In

C-x b: Switch Buffer. Works really nicely with IVY

Dumb Jump

Dumb Jump helps you visit a function definition quickly. Say you’re deep inside the code, and you’re confused about what this function meow() does, and you have no idea where it’s at. Dumb jump helps you find the meow() function extremely fast.

C-M-g(Control+Meta+g): Jump to the function definition of the function under the cursor point.

C-M-p: Jump backwards to before you called C-M-g. Helps to get you out of the rabbit hole if you get carried away.

I still need to learn more about this tool, and set some custom keybindings for it.


%: Jump to matching brace.

50G: Jump to line 50

{ and }: Jump forward and backward one paragraph

( and ): Jump forward and backward one sentence

W and B: Jump Forward and Backward one word by white space

Correctly Indent an Entire File

1. Highlight entire buffer: C-x h
2. Indent! M-x indent-region RET (C-M-\ is a shortcut for M-x indent-region)

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