Malone Legal Site Review

Summary & Key metrics

Current Monthly Traffic: 44

Currently ranking for: brand name searches only (Malone legal, Malone Law, etc…)

Closest non-brand keywords: Estate Lawyers Seattle, estate attorneys seattle, trust attorney, business attorney (pages 4-8)

High ranking Competitor monthly traffic: 2,300-2500

Basic competitor analysis

Example Law Firms for inspiration:

Top Competitor in Seattle: MarkTysonLaw.com

Example of a top performing law firm website: askadamskutner.com

General Recommendations:

1. Be comprehensive

The general idea here is that people go online to search for things when they need help, like “My neighbor ran over my dog”,  “Benefits of an LLC over Sole Prop”, or how does tax code 123 affect my real estate”. By having all of these questions answered on your website, you’re attracting new prospects who’ve never heard of you, and establishing yourself as an authoritative, trustworthy figure. Because you’ve developed trust, they’ll pay for your services even if you’re more expensive.
It also helps because if you didn’t have the content on your site, they wouldn’t have found you. So it builds trust AND gets new business.

2. Use local terms

See the “AskAdamKutner” site above. If you look at his “Auto-accident” page, you’ll see “Las Vegas” 30+ times, “Car” and “auto” over 100 times, and many more terms related to car accidents and “Las Vegas”, all signaling to the search engines that this site and page is about las vegas + car accidents, meaning they’re more likely to show up when searches relating to that topic are typed into a search engine, which means tons of new business and brand awareness.

I noticed that Tom Malone is involved in various community service / non-profit work. That’s a perfect example of what to talk about on the website. It makes you more trustworthy, approachable, AND it helps the search engines rank you for those localities, (ex. Ballard, etc..)

3. Calls to Action

Again see AskAdamsKutner’s website. His phone number and contact form is plastered all over the site, making it very easy to get in touch with him. You never know which part of the page will trigger a prospect to become a client, so be prepared at all times.

Importance of Link Building (ex. Car accident lawyer Las Vegas)

Below is two images illustrating the importance of “Link building” (getting high quality websites linking back to yours)

Both sites are performing incredibly well, but for the competitive term “Car accident lawyer las vegas” (400 searches a month) Naqvilaw is actually able to beat a bigger player. I suspect this is due to Naqvilaw’s higher number of backlinks (websites linking to his) but it’s difficult to tell without looking at more details. There’s hundreds of variables factored into who ranks the highest, but the below information hopefully demonstrates how important it is to get other top performing sites linking to yours.

Naqvilaw.com: #1


How to Get Backlinks

“Link Building” (getting more websites pointing to yours) is the challenging part, and is all about building relationships. The more authoritative your site, the more backlinks you’ll get naturally (I actually just gave AskAdamsKutner and Naqvilaw backlinks by writing this web page.)

Relationship building is one of the best ways. Joining your local chamber and having your site listed on their directory is a link. Getting involved with your community and having local sites link back to yours (like how you link to NordicMuseum and visitBallard on this page. Maybe they can link back to your site? You should talk to them about it!

Site Directories & Legal Directories like Avvo, Justia, SuperLawyers, etc. will also give you links.

Posting content to Social Media gets your content out there. The more people that see your content, the more likely someone is to put a link to your site from theirs through their blog.

Competitor Analysis: Sometimes the easiest thing is to just copy your competitors. If we take a look at NaqviLaw, we can see the websites linking back to his, and get an idea of what we can do to get some of those links also! See below:

PS. In addition to getting high quality websites pointing to your site, you may also want to “disavow” low-quality sites. See the two highlighted sites in Malone Legal’s column



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