Learning Git: Introduction to Git Setup Installation

As a software developer, one of the first tools you MUST learn is Git. A version control system like git has many benefits. Here’s a list of benefits/uses:

  • allows multiple developers to work on projects easily.
  • work on different features of your app separately.
  • Keep track of the history of your project. (You can easily go back in time)
  • manage conflicts (that may occur when working with multiple devs)
  • keep your current progress, store it away for later, and come back to it
  • Quickly try out new ideas, and either merge them in or toss them out.

In future tutorials we cover more advanced topics like stashing, branching, reverting, and more. Check out all our Git tutorials here.

Installing on Windows

Installing on Mac

Installing on Linux

Initial Configuration

This series is a work in progress. the Installation post is coming last because I don’t want to uninstall git and am putting it off. (would use a virtual machine but Dammit Hyper-V and Virtualbox conflicts!)

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