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OOP in JavaScript

Object Oriented Programming In JavaScript is a big topic, and we're going to break it down step-by-step.

JavaScript For Beginners

Before trying to tackle JavaScript OOP, you should have an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript. Once you have the fundamentals, it will be much easier to pick up Object Oriented Programming concepts as they relate to JavaScript.

Prototype in JavaScript

The Prototype Property in JavaScript helps objects share the same function. If you have 100 cat objects and they all "meow", there's no need to write the same function 100 times. Instead, we can re-use a function with the Prototype feature of JavaScript. The Prototype feature is what allows us to create a "chain" of objects that JavaScript will "look up" to when searching for a property or function.

JavaScript This Tutorial

"This" in JavaScript is used to reference an object in a reusable way. For example, if you want to increase the users age, you wouldn't want to have to do something like susie.increaseAge() and tom.increaseAge() which is why this was created, allowing us to do something like this.increaseAge() and having complete control over what "this" means in different scenarios.

JavaScript For Beginners | Price: free

Go from absolute beginner to intermediate JavaScript developer by learning all of the building blocks and important concepts you'll encounter, from the basics like looping and conditionals, to Promises and Object Oriented Programming.

JavaScript Basics

In this section we cover the fundamentals of JavaScript. These are the basic building blocks that everything else we learn will build upon.

JavaScript Basics

In this tutorial we learn all the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript.

JavaScript Promises lesson

We discuss how to create your own promise, how resolve and reject work, how async and await work, and how to use the .then and how to handle the possibility of having errors and how to catch them.