How to import and export template files in Elementor

If you want to import templates into your website, or export them from one website and use them in another website, you’ll need to know how to import and export templates in Elementor. We’ll learn how to do that in this post.

How to Export a template file in Elementor

First, you need to create the template. In your WordPress dashboard, click “Templates” -> “Add New” -> Choose your template type, name it, and click create template.

Create the template to look exactly how you want it to be imported on another site. I’m just throwing two elements on a page to demonstrate:

Click Publish to publish your template.

Go back to your “templates” area in the admin, and you should see your template that you just created. Now when you hover over it, an “export template” option appears. Click that.

Now you should have a .json file that has been downloaded to your downloads folder. You’re free to rename the file and upload it to any site using Elementor.

How to Import a File in Elementor

Importing a template file is most useful when you’ve downloaded or purchased a template kit from somewhere online. Designers will use Elementor to create beautiful websites for different types of businesses, like newspapers, mechanics, etc. Possibly saving you thousands of dollars on web design. If done with Elementor, you can import as much or as little of the design as you want with template files. The About page, header, footer, etc.. are all pieces, so you just take the pieces you need and import them into your site.

Here’s how:

Find the JSON file you need. In this case, I have a template kit for an insurance agency. I’ll import the “services.json” template file:

In the WordPress Admin area, click Templates -> Import Templates -> Choose the json file you want to import. -> click import now

Now when you scroll down, the services template should be visible because it was just imported!

Now when you create pages or anything that allows you to use templates, you can use that template file. We’ll now go create a new WordPress page using Elementor. (I’ll assume you know how to do that).

From the Elementor Page builder, click the folder icon:

Then select “My Templates” and you should be able to import the new template file to use on this page.

Once you click “Insert”, the page should be populated with the contents of the template file:

Then you’ll need to adjust the design to match your brand colors, but that’s pretty much it for importing and exporting files in Elementor.

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