How to Change your Homepage & Blog Page in WordPress

One of the first things a new WordPress user wants to do is setup their homepage and their blog. This post will show you how to do it. Keep in mind there are more advanced strategies to design and customize these pages that will be covered later.

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Click “Settings” -> “Reading” in your admin area

Select the appropriate settings that you want for your WordPress Website

If you’ve ever been to a website and their homepage is just a list of articles, then they have to top radio button selected and they’re just displaying posts on their homepage. That’s fine for a simple blog, but if you have any sort of business you probably want to setup a dedicated “static page” for the homepage.

The dropdown for the homepage is just a list of “Pages” that you’ve created in the “Pages” section. So make sure you have a page setup and designed the way you want it, and then select it from the drop down.

The “Posts” page (in this picture set to “blog”) will be completely overwritten by WordPress by default, and you’ll get the post page that your theme has setup for you. So it’s okay and recommended to create a completely blank page and call it “blog”. Then select “blog” for your posts page in the drop down in the picture above.

Note if you’re using a page builder:

For those of you using a “page builder” like Elementor, you’d want to select nothing for the “posts page” drop down. or “-select-” as it appears in the drop down… Then create a page called “Blog”, and design it how you want. The page builder that you’re using should have an “element” or “block” that lists your recent posts. Just design the page to include the list of recent posts, then in your Appearance Menus area you’ll set the “blog” menu item to the blog page.

That’s pretty much it! Check out the video if you need help or see some of our Page builder tutorials to see how to get a more customized blog page design.

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