How to change permalink structure in WordPress

Changing your permalinks is an important thing to do early on in your website creation. You don’t want people having to visit a page that looks like First of all, it’s gross, second, nobody knows what the post is about, and it’s one less indicator to explain to the search engines what the post is about, meaning you’ll never show up at the top of the search engines.

So let’s setup your website URLS to be pretty. They should explain what the content on the page is by having a similar “slug” to what’s in the title. So the website link for this page could be something like Okay, let’s setup your site!

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In the admin area, visit Settings -> Permalinks

Select “Post Name” and hit “Save Changes”

Second favorite is category/post-title format

If you want the category of the post to be in the title as well, then that’s a decent option depending on how you want your site designed. The problem I have with “categories” in the URL is that sometimes you have multiple categories, you have to be careful not to change the category, and it makes for a longer URL. So I don’t usually setup this way. If you still want to, then just click those buttons with the %something% setup. De-select by clicking the buttons that are already in there, and then click in the order you want the post format to be.

To get it the way it is in the image above, I clicked the buttons to make the “custom structure” field empty. Then I just clicked “%category%” first, and “%postname%” second. and there ya go. Hit Save, and you’re done!

Shorter URLS are better for SEO! It’s been proven by many SEO gurus much smarter than me. Sometimes I’ll edit the URL in the post page to make it even shorter since my titles are longer to be descriptive.

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