We’ll Learn How To

Setup your dev environment in Windows and Mac

Create Projects, clusters, databases, collections, and documents

Inserting documents one at a time, and multiple at a time

Querying for data with simple and advanced filtering

How to use basic pattern matching (regular expressions)

Updating & deleting documents

Removing fields from documents

Introduction to the aggregation pipeline

One to many relationships in MongoDB

Many to many relationships in MongoDB

Geospatial Queries (Getting records based on distance from a specified point)

And more coming soon!

MongoDB Fundamentals 2022

Zero Experience to Intermediate in MongoDB! In this course we teach you the fundamentals of using MongoDB to become proficient with NoSQL databases, allowing you to handle application data effectively. We’ll take you step-by-step through the basics, all the way up to intermediate skills so you’ll have a strong foundation necessary to build anything you want. can handle your data in any language, framework, or library.

MongoDB is Great For Beginners!

NoSQL is one of the best things you can start with if you want to become a programmer. MongoDB and NoSQL is part of the data layer, and everything else in tech all revolves around the data of your application. HTML & CSS is useless unless there’s data to display. If you don’t have data, there’s nothing to interact with.

If your goal is to become a computer programmer, web developer, or anything else in tech, then MongoDB is a great place to start.