SQL Fundamentals 2022 Edition

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We’ll Learn How To

Install a text editor

Setup your dev environment with XAMPP or WAMPServer, (PHP, MySQL, Apache)

Create databases & tables

Delete tables & databases, both with SQL and with a GUI

Querying for data

Deleting & Updating rows of data

Combining Tables together with JOINs

Foreign Key Constraints

Relationships between tables for complex data

And More!!

Zero Experience to Intermediate SQL Dev!

In this course we teach you the fundamentals of using Structured Query Language so you can become a
proficient backend developer. You’ll learn everything you need to work with relational databases
so you
can handle your data in any language, framework, or library.

SQL is Great For Beginners!

SQL is one of the best things you can start with if you want to become a programmer. SQL is the data
layer, and everything else in tech all revolves around the data of your application. HTML & CSS is useless
unless there’s data to display. If you don’t have data, there’s nothing to interact with.


If your goal is to become a computer programmer, web developer, or anything else in tech, then SQL is a great place to start.

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Get Weekly Coding Tips