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How to Rank Online With Anchorage SEO

Getting your business to show up in the first page of Google for local searches varies in difficulty based on the amount of competition, and how much effort they’re putting into their seo campaigns. Here’s a couple key things you can do to improve your Anchorage SEO.

Comprehensive & Educational Content

Building relationships with your customers and prospects by providing educational content is one of the most powerful ways you can start getting more results online.

Educational content helps you establish yourself as the authority figure in your industry. When you’re seen as the expert, people come to you and are willing to spend more because they trust you.

The more location specific content about Anchorage you have on your website, the better the search engines where you’re located, and the better your Anchorage SEO campaign will do.

You can also use related words and abbreviations like Alaska, AK, etc.

Seo Anchorage Case Studies

Here we’ll look at the top businesses in your area and see what they’re doing that makes them so successful with Anchorage SEO campaigns. We’ll look at why they’re on the first page, and how you can use their strategies to get more results online.

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This post discusses the dental practices in Anchorage, Alaska, that have had the most success with their SEO campaigns. We also look at some Google Map pack issues you may encounter when doing “Local seo”.

Case Study: SEO for Anchorage, AK Pest Control

Here are the current top three Pest Control companies succeeding with Anchorage SEO:

1. with 2,500 keywords and 1,500 monthly visitors

2. with 252 keywords and 314 monthly visitors

3. with 127 keywords and 183 monthly visitors

How are they getting results with their local seo?

The first thing to point out for Alaska Pest is their blog. If we take a look at their blogging history, we can see they’re writing articles about 1-3x a month. One of the best things you can do for the SEO of your website is to blog regularly. The more competitive your industry, the more content you’ll want to publish on your site. This industry has quite a few searches in Anchorage, but it’s a small town and there’s not a lot of competition, so an Anchorage business can get away with less frequent blogging and still have good SEO results.

Alaska Pest is #1 in the search engines because the other two don’t even appear to have a blog. Let’s take a look at some of the keywords Alaska Pest is ranking for because of their effective Anchorage SEO and blogging strategy:

They’re getting lots of traffic from their yellow jacket post, which teaches their readers preventative measures that keep yellow jackets away. They’re also ranking for just about every Anchorage keyword they could want, like Alaska cockroaches, pest control anchorage AK, etc…

This is the type of content you want to be writing; Helpful, educational, comprehensive content is great for your seo strategy. Even though they’re #1, their content has a lot of room for improvement. They’re able to get away with this because Anchorage SEO isn’t that competitive for this industry.

Alaska Pest control also has a separate page for each service they provide. This is valuable because it allows you to internally link your other service pages. Internal linking is valuable for SEO because it helps Google understand the website better and it allows each page to target a specific goal. For example, someone may type in “rodent control Anchorage” in search, and if you have a page dedicated to rodent control, you’re more likely to show up than if it was a generic “pest” control page.

Alaska Pest Control is also the only company that’s doing anything with city pages. This is a great “Local Seo” strategy if you provide service to multiple areas around Anchorage. Basically you make a dedicated page for each city. The best way to do this is make the main site target the most competitive city, and then use city pages on the less competitive areas.

City pages can be challenging to implement correctly, without having your seo rankings penalized by duplicate content. You can’t always copy and paste the same content into every city page. Try to make each page different. Due to the SEO not being that competitive in Anchorage you may be able to get away with it, but it’s not good practice.

Eagle Pest Control made it as easy as possible to convert a reader into a customer by making their header sticky with two calls to action: Their phone number, and a quote request form. Make sure your contact info is always visible no matter where the user is on a page. This isn’t SEO, but it helps convert readers into customers.

Local SEO for the “Map Pack” is a bit finnicky due to being highly location dependent. Two of our top sites in Anchorage are ranking highly in the Google Maps pack, which mostly boils down to having lots of reviews (see below). You’ll notice Eagle Pest is lower than “Pied Piper”, (the #1 competitor Alaska Pest) despite having a higher review count and an average higher rating.

The reason you can do better and still rank lower is because of location. Whoever is the closest to the searcher has a huge advantage when it comes to map pack seo, which is why I would be careful to spend too much time seo optimizing your Google Business profile. It’s still important, just don’t neglect the SEO optimizations on your website.

SEO mistakes to fix for Anchorage businesses

Alaska Pest needs to shorten their URLS. Their blog post urls are long, AND they have the date in them, which is pointless and makes it harder to remember the URL of the page. Here’s an example of their november 21 post url: /2021/11/heres-why-in-alaska-a-mouse-isnt-always-a-mouse. I would personally change this to be something like /alaskan-mice or /no-mice-in-alaska. Statistically, shorter urls are better for SEO. Keep the fluff out of your URLS if you want to dominate anchorage SEO for your business.

Add City Pages for each location. All of the top competitors in Anchorage are missing city pages, which is bad for local seo. If another business created “city pages” for cities like Ketchikan, Juneau, or Fairbanks, they’d likely outrank the top competitors pretty quickly, just because there’s no pest control pages for those cities.

Their Site Performance is pretty bad. It’s surprising how websites in Anchorage can do so well with their SEO despite having poor site speed. The optimal site speed for seo results is two seconds or lower. The top competitor clocks in at 9 seconds. You don’t usually need to go crazy with website optimizations to have good Anchorage SEO, but it’s nice to have a fast website because it’s a better experience for the users. Especially in smaller Alaska towns where the internet might not be quite as good.

Seo in Anchorage difficulty for Pest Control: Easy

If you applied the right strategies, you may be able to outrank the top competitors in a few weeks to months depending on how much effort you put into your Anchorage SEO campaigns. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with an Anchorage SEO Consultant today.