Linux, programming, DIY Websites & more

GraphQL changes the way you interact with data. Easily access data in any way you want. GraphQL is quickly replacing REST for a good reason.

React.js, built by Facebook is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries today. Build Mobile apps, WordPress sites, and much more with React.


Get into Devops, get new team members on boarded easily, create easy to use development environments, and much more with Docker 


(Zero Coding)

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System allowing anyone to build incredible websites, whether you can code or not.


Linux is a powerful computer system or “Kernel” that powers millions of devices like smart phones, microwaves, and robots.

SQL & Databases

SQL is a programming language of the relational database. Learn how to manipulate & access data.

WordPress Development

Learn to develop WordPress plugins and themes. 


Emacs is a powerful open source text editor. There’s a steep learning curve to using Emacs efficiently, but it’s stood the test of time as other editors have come and gone.


Git is such an important tool it’s one of the first tools a developer should learn how to use. Learn how to save history of your project, work with teams, and make your life easier.

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